Quero é Viver

Quero é Viver

Quero é Viver Ana Margarida Rosa Lobo, a 70-year-old actress at the end of her career, discovers she has Alzheimer's and without explaining to anyone, she decides to end her five-decade marriage with Sérgio and move to another house to enjoy her lucidity while she can. This decision causes an upheaval in the professional and personal lives of her four daughters. Faced with this situation, the family will be tested to the limit and the four women change their way of looking at life, questioning their love relationships that they have also built.

2023Portugal40 minutosHD

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Helena Amaral
Helena Amaral


São José Lapa
Ana Margarida Rosa Lobo
Fernando Rodrigues
Sérgio Telles Lobo
Fernanda Serrano
Natália Rosa Lobo Andrade
Joana Seixas
Irene Rosa Lobo Amado
Rita Pereira
Maria Rosa Lobo Furtado
Sara Barradas
Olga Rosa Lobo Sidónio
Pedro Hossi
Santiago Amado
Filipe Vargas
José Luís Furtado
Diogo Infante
Frederico José Andrade
Thiago Rodrigues
Gabriel Menezes de Sousa
Helena Isabel
Graça Pires
Leonor Seixas
Lúcia Vaz

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